Canadian Days

Unassorted Hasselblad pics, Summer 2014 and 2015 in Canada.

Coffee romance

  spring 2011

Roaming around the area

  Summer 2007

Skatefest 2012

  Burning skateboard sculpture.

On the road…

  … between the world´s with Elias and Dimi. (SF, Berkeley // Nov 2012) Thanks to my dear friend Erica for letting me/us stay at your tiny space with the cat crew. <3


Photo print on one of Noah´s first scribblings 😉

Hiding Place

Höhlenmenschen ein ort zum zurückziehen, wenn die diskrepanz zwischen innen- und aussenwelt mal wieder zu groß wird. ———————- Cave dwellers a place for backing out when the discrepance between inner and outer world becomes too big once again…