Canadian Days

Unassorted Hasselblad pics, Summer 2014 and 2015 in Canada.



Save the home place.

Wiley´s last resort. Pine mountain. Letcher County, Kentucky. Self portrait. June 2016.

Wedding @ Brooklands Farm

A lovely afternoon with the Lonesome Ace Stringband at the Brooklands farm in Bracebridge (Canada).

Coffee romance

  spring 2011

Roaming around the area

  Summer 2007


  Local girls entering the new skatepark in Helmbrechts first (summer 2013).

Skatepark construction

  Some impressions of the skatepark construction in Helmbrechts (summer 2013). Some fun working days with +blackriver-ramps+, Yamato Living Ramps and Betonhausen Crew…  

Skatefest 2012

  Burning skateboard sculpture.

72 hours // Sb-Montreux-Zürich-Basel-Sb

with Sahra, Olli, & Tim or how it feels to get old.

On the road…

  … between the world´s with Elias and Dimi. (SF, Berkeley // Nov 2012) Thanks to my dear friend Erica for letting me/us stay at your tiny space with the cat crew. <3




Photo print on one of Noah´s first scribblings 😉


I´m dressed in black, my heart as well (2011)


  How time goes by…


Polaroid series winter 2010/2011