Mixed Stuff

Some new pieces

Some new pieces I made for the Hoftexplosion exhibition. Octavia Triangle. Inspired by Frona McCown´s song as told by Jimmy Mc Cown.   Summer 1945. She has been gone ever since.   Piece of evidence. Another broken heart.   Well shit happens.   The weaver of tales had no wings but she could fly.


Diary Cover 2016. Last year´s motto was a total flop so let´s try out jewels and some subtle arms this year. Two failures in a row are unlikely.

Snapshot Play III

Snapshot Play III from dnice on Vimeo.

Play II

The one and only Paolo Melillo. Schwarzenbach. Fast Fingers 2014.


Woman in the alley way. Canada. 2015.

Ammit Mosaic

A mosaic of Ammit at the skatepark in Selb (Germany). Made that in 2014, I think 🙂


  I made a small webseite for the Toronto based musician Max Heineman including some collages and photos. Check out his website and music!  

Hermès fashion show movie

A short clip of Elias Assmuth, Dimitri Schlotthauer and me being invited for a fashion show at the Hermès store in San Francisco. Wandering between the splendid fashion world and real life in California. Shredding Oakland´s streets and us enjoying the sweet beach life in Santa Cruz. filming: Denise Hermann, editing: Chris Heck

15-years-Blackriver anniversary zine

  I made the compilation and a tiny bit of content for the 15-years-Blackriver anniversary zine. It´s limited to 1000 pieces.   Get your copy here: https://www.blackriver-shop.com/15-years-blackriver-anniversary-zine.html

spontaneously forced

  Some ink for Wolfi from Vienna.  

New catalog cover

  That´s the brand-new cover installation for the Blackriver webshop flyer.

Lost snippet

  from 2011

Red Glove

  I made this long ago, but somehow forgot it, so here it is 🙂

Remember the „Königskind“

For all the „Königskinder“ out there – that´s the place where I want to meet you…. (book cover 2014)

Collage Myths and Magic

  Just in case you haven´t seen it in colors yet 🙂   Check out the T-Shirts printed in black&white here: https://www.blackriver-shop.com/clothing/t-shirts/blackriver-ramps-organic-t-shirt-myths-magic.html    


  Some tiny sweet new graphics on Berlinwood. The metallic series is printed with real metallic colors. Nice shizzle. Get them here.