Mystic trio

I drew some new board grafics, it´s a trio of some mystic characters consisting of the healer, the huntress and the heart hunter. They come with fancy metallic print and do I have to mention that I´m already in love with them 😉 ? Available here.


Diary Cover 2016. Last year´s motto was a total flop so let´s try out jewels and some subtle arms this year. Two failures in a row are unlikely.

spontaneously forced

  Some ink for Wolfi from Vienna.  

Remember the „Königskind“

For all the „Königskinder“ out there – that´s the place where I want to meet you…. (book cover 2014)


  Some tiny sweet new graphics on Berlinwood. The metallic series is printed with real metallic colors. Nice shizzle. Get them here.


Be aware of Ammit. She weighs your heart and if it´s heavier than a feather, she´ll eat it. Keep your heart light!

Myths & Magic

cardboard scribbling, RIP Berlin 2012


The first stamp I’ve ever made <3 mirror-inverted, but the drawing came out really nice…! P.S.: THX to Timo for laser introduction!

Pissing Fingers #3

I made this cover for Blackriver´s “Pissing Fingers“ DVD.

Dresses I wear sometimes…

… must be a pretty special situation.


manchmal stürze ich ein wie ein haus ohne fundament die trümmerfrauen kommen bauen mich wieder auf wie ein unendliches universum