Collage + Mini-Installation

Some new pieces

Some new pieces I made for the Hoftexplosion exhibition. Octavia Triangle. Inspired by Frona McCown´s song as told by Jimmy Mc Cown.   Summer 1945. She has been gone ever since.   Piece of evidence. Another broken heart.   Well shit happens.   The weaver of tales had no wings but she could fly.

  I made a small webseite for the Toronto based musician Max Heineman including some collages and photos. Check out his website and music!  

New catalog cover

  That´s the brand-new cover installation for the Blackriver webshop flyer.

Red Glove

  I made this long ago, but somehow forgot it, so here it is 🙂

Remember the „Königskind“

For all the „Königskinder“ out there – that´s the place where I want to meet you…. (book cover 2014)

Collage Myths and Magic

  Just in case you haven´t seen it in colors yet 🙂   Check out the T-Shirts printed in black&white here:    


some new pieces: re-connect and re-member! If anyone wants a print, let me know and send me a mail to

Mini Drawer

mini-drawer (early 2012)

New Year

Happy new year! Belated I know.., but who cares. People throw stars in the air. At least the 2 1/4 year old told me that. I throw nothing, because the noise scares the shit out off me. Like standing on a battlefield – although i´ve never been there. I rather throw some stones in the lake […]

Fingerboarder Magazine #2

I made this collage for Fingerboarder Magazine.

Second Try

Repainted oil painting…

Poster Time

A Blackriver poster I made in 2011. It was also printed as ad (confusion skate magazine). Right now I´m going through my digital archives, so expect more old stuff here soon…

Catalog cover Installation

I made this installation for the cover of the Blackriver catalog 2011.

Myths & Magic

A new shirt I made for Blackriver… You can get it here:

Blackriver Catalog Cover 2012

This is the new cover picture for Blackriver´s new webshop flyer. It´s a miniature installation again, a bit more “real“ this time…