Collage Myths and Magic

  Just in case you havenĀ“t seen it in colors yet šŸ™‚   Check out the T-Shirts printed in black&white here:    


  Some tiny sweet new graphics on Berlinwood. The metallic series is printed with real metallic colors. Nice shizzle. Get them here.

Fingerboarder Magazine #3

Ā Ā  here is some stuff IĀ“ve made for fingerboarder magazine #3. The magazine is available here:

Fingerboarder Magazine #2

I made this collage for Fingerboarder Magazine.

Pissing Fingers #3

I made this cover for BlackriverĀ“s ā€œPissing Fingers“ DVD.

Poster Time

A Blackriver poster I made in 2011. It was also printed as ad (confusion skate magazine). Right now IĀ“m going through my digital archives, so expect more old stuff here soon…

Catalog cover Installation

I made this installation for the cover ofĀ the Blackriver catalog 2011.

Myths & Magic

A new shirt I made for Blackriverā€¦ You can get it here:

Blackriver Catalog Cover 2012

This is the new cover picture for BlackriverĀ“s new webshop flyer. ItĀ“s a miniature installation again, a bit more ā€œreal“ this timeā€¦